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Become a Astro affiliate today & earn up to $39.60 on each sale!

Astro is the first App Store Optimization tool designed exclusively for Apple Developers.

It allows you to track your keywords across all Apple platforms and extract popularity data directly from Apple Search Ads.

Our users love recommending Astro to their friends, which is why we have activated a referral program that allows you to earn 40% of every sale made through your link.

How to join the affiliate program?

1. Sign up at Lemon Squeezy (our payments system handler)

First, sign up at, and apply to become an affiliate.

Lemon Squeezy reviews and vets every new applicant to the affiliate’s platform. Once applied, you will have to wait for acceptance from Lemon Squeezy usually this step takes 24/48 hours

2. Join Astro Affiliate Program

Click on this link to join our affiliate program.

After completing a very short form, you may use your ref link.

By default, the affiliate link Lemon Squeezy will provide will look somewhat like this:

If you want to make it more compact and increase the chances that the user will make a purchase through your link, copy YOUR_CODE part and use it like this instead:

This will look more compact and familiar. Both links will work the same way.

4. Spread the word

Share your passion for Astro with the world, and every time someone makes a purchase, you will earn 40%!

Don’t worry if someone doesn’t make a purchase immediately after clicking your link. If the same user makes a purchase within the following 60 days, you will still be credited for the purchase.

If you have any doubts or need help, please send an email to


Introduction To App Stor Optimization book

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